Unichir will provide quality and cost-effective patient care from primary health level to tertiary health level and will also become a training center for surgeons in training (1-2 years) in agreement with some universities.

In addition to daily care (7/7, 24/24), sessions of theoretical care protocols and guidelines will be addressed to physicians, nurses, logistics and administrative personnel. Night training is included as a mandatory strategy.

The primary level will be sensitized and trained to stabilize patients for referral to our structure, to respect all hygiene rules, to refer indications to surgical and obstetric cases in time, and ultimately to provide postoperative care in case of counter-reference.

The tertiary level will be achieved by building a UNICHIR network with some tertiary referral health structures in Goma or in the neighboring countries of Uganda (Kampala) and Rwanda (Kigali).

More…. in the 2nd phase