This young woman has a tumor in her neck. A thyroid tumor so called  "goitre", a thickening of the thyroid gland that results from persistent iodine deficiency. Such a tumor can take on hideous shapes. Kasigi's goiter hurts continuously. She eats less and less. If we don't act quickly, the tumor will squeeze her trachea and esophagus.

There is only one way to help Kasigi live a normal life: surgically remove the tumor as soon as possible. But Kasigi is poor. She has no money for that vital intervention. In addition, in Beni and the surrounding area, a region with 1.2 million inhabitants, there is not a single hospital where she can go for this type of surgery. Has Kasigi been sentenced to a terrible death? Luckily not!

Dr.Réginald Moreels wants to address you in a few words:

Since 2015, I have traveled to Beni 20 times, alone or with anesthesists,  surgeons and theater  nurses. Today we operate at the Hôpital Général de Réference together with my Congolese colleageus who became my friends over time,  to operate on severely ill patients there for free in difficult and very primitive circumstances. We pay our travel and accommodation costs ourselves, but the materials and medicines needed for the operations must also be paid for. That is why I am giving you this information.

I will travel soon again to Beni, accompanied by a specialised surgical nurse . We want to operate Kasigi as quickly as possible together with the local staff.  Every mission brings us  other patients – sometimes in very bad condition  -  but cannot afford medical treatment. As a result, they too are in danger-totally unnecessary.

The difference between high income countries and poor countries has become huge and incorrect. I can not accept his and this is why we build UNICHIR


Help to save the life of Kasigi