Jémima is 31 and mother of three children. In October 2020 she delivered her third child by caesarean but intestinal complications meant she needed an operation. During this procedure her small intestine was accidentally perforated three times. Her health deteriorated day after day.

Dr. Moreels says: “Her condition was alarming. High fever, skinny, sunken eyes, etc. Her stool was coming out of her abdominal wall. I will spare you the details, but her abdomen was one big mess of intestines stuck together."

As you know our team in Beni operates with limited resources. This is why Dr. Moreels applied a technique used in war surgery. He says: “I removed the perforated piece of intestine and covered the hole in her abdomen with a piece of a sterile urine bag. This allowed us to thoroughly flush her abdomen for a number of hours. Gradually the infections disappeared.

Jémima is not out of the woods yet. This young woman needs another serious procedure to reattach her small intestine.

Jémima and her husband are poor. They can't afford this new operation. And also, there is not a single officially qualified surgeon working in the area of Beni, an area where more than 1.2 million people live! We at UNICHIR find this unacceptable.

Will she, despite Dr. Moreels' earlier procedure, never see her children grow up? Fortunately, she will see them grow up! A team of medical volunteers will soon travel to Beni. They want to operate Jémima as soon as possible and they will do it entirely free of charge!

Dr. Moreels says: "Since 2015, I have travelled alone or with befriended anaesthetists, surgeons and head nurses, to Beni 23 times to operate on severely ill patients free of charge. We pay our travel and accommodation expenses ourselves, but the material and the medication for the operations needs to be paid. This is why I am hoping for your generosity.


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