What does Unichir do?

  • Starting up a 'center of excellence' in surgical and obstetric care, including cancer surgery and vesico-vaginal fistulas. 
  • This center also has the ambition to provide training to candidate surgeons and obstetricians as well as nurses.

Collaboration between private and public care through referral of the non-surgical and obstetric pathology to the public hospital  , confessional  centers and other small  centers in the Beni health zone and related zones.

Start up a pharmacy and distribution center with sales of quality-labelled medication, medical and hygienic material, nutritional and vitamin supplements, as well as body care products.

Another possible and even more urgent idea is to create an oxygen production plant for oxygen production and delivery to the area, neighbouring territories and countries.

Concept/ Profit & non-profit in one.

1. Non-profit pilar: establish a surgical- obstetric unit UNICHIR

Unichir will provide qualitative and cost-effective patient care from primary health level to tertiary health level and will also be a training center for trainee surgeons (1-2 years) in agreement with some universities. We will link E-Health technology to our preventive and post-operative care.

2. Profit pilar: creation of a commercial pharmacy - KIVUMED

From a stock and sales center, a distribution of medicines and medical materials with quality label will be set up to serve the areas in North Kivu, South Ituri to Kisangani.


In 2019 we founded BENISUR a vzw under Belgian law.

BENISUR (Beni Surgery) is an organisation specifically dedicated to fundraising for Unichir and Kivumed.