Unichir is initiated by Dr. Réginald Moreels, a humanitarian surgeon and former Belgian Minister. The organisation is registered in the RD Congo and is presided by Dr.Michel Kalongo. Dr.Kalongo has started his surgeon training at the Makerere University in Kampala ( Ouganda ) He will become the surgeon at the center in Beni in a few years time.

Unichir aims to establish a surgical and obstetrical unit at the highest possible level and also serves as a training center for local young graduates. Education and trainings are delivered in cooperation with high level universities in the surrounding countries.

At this moment we have accomplished 10 surgical missions, covering 5  health centers and serving a population of 1,5 million people with little to no access to medical advice of specialist doctors.

Our team is actively supported by experienced and skilled professional partners e.g. Architectes Sans Frontieres International, Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Engineers without borders, the H-web, Scanbie, the General hospital of St. Jan in Bruges, Belgium and many others…


About Dr. Réginald Moreels


UNICHIR (= Unité Chirurgicale in Congo) is vzw BENISUR in Congo

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